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Clean your dependabot PRs in fastest way

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clean-dependa 🧹

Clean-Dependa is a hobby project to learn rust and create something that is bothering me from such a long time 😓. It looks for all the user-repositories and clears up the dependabot PRs of high severity.

Behind the scenes it is using the awesome 🤘Github API to perform these tasks.


Clone the repository and in the root directory execute the following command.


You can find the binary at path target/release/clean-dependa. Move it to a location which is visible in your $PATH.


You can use the build binary in release folder inside target directory. You need to pass your Github Username as the command line argument and set the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN to the github token value.

export GITHUB_TOKEN="<your_github_token>"
clean-dependa yashladha

You can also copy the binary in your $PATH so that it can be accessible from all the paths.

Enhancements Pending

  • To create PRs of all levels from Github and not just critical severity.
  • Management of different orgs and not just the user.


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