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This tool is no longer under active development. If you are interested in taking over or repurposing the name on crates.io, feel free to contact me: nbishop@nbishop.net


AWS command-line tool. The purpose of this tool is not to be a complete replacement for awscli, but rather to provide a more convenient interface for some common commands.


cargo install claws


Currently just a few commands are implemented.


List instances:

claws ec2 instances

Get instance IP addresses:

claws ec2 addr <instance-id>

Start, stop, or reboot an instance:

claws ec2 start <instance-id>
claws ec2 stop <instance-id>
claws ec2 reboot <instance-id>

CloudWatch Logs

List log groups:

claws logs groups [<prefix>]

List recent streams in a group:

claws logs recent-streams [--limit <n>] <log-group-name>


List buckets:

claws s3 buckets


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