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Ciphers v0.1.0

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Ciphers is a Rust library that provides implementations of many different classical ciphers.

Get started by looking at the documentation.

1. Supported Ciphers

There are currently 16 different supported ciphers.

Transposition Monoalphabetic Polyalphabetic Polygraphic Other
Rail-fence Simple Substitution Vigenere Playfair ADFGX
Columnar Transposition Caesar Beaufort Four-Square ADFGVX
Affine Autokey
Polybius Square Running Key
Atbash Porta

2. Installation

Simply put the following in your Cargo.toml.

ciphers = "0.1.0"

3. Example Usage

E.g. using the Vigenere cipher.

use ciphers::{Cipher, Vigenere};

fn main() {
    let vigenere = Vigenere::new("examplekey");

    // encipher
    let ctext = vigenere.encipher("someexampletexthere").unwrap();
    println!("ciphertext: {}", ctext);

    // decipher
    let ptext = vigenere.decipher(&ctext).unwrap();
    println!("plaintext:  {}", ptext);

4. To be Implemented

There are currently 6 different ciphers to be implemented.

Transposition Monoalphabetic Polyalphabetic Polygraphic Other
Rot13 Gronsfeld Hill Bifid
Straddle Checkerboard

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