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FFI bindings for chksum library

0.1.0-rc3 Mar 2, 2022
0.1.0-rc2 Mar 1, 2022

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MIT license

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Basic FFI bindings which allows to use chksum library in other languages.

Available bindings

Bindings are available for both md5 and sha1 hash functions.

Binding Description
chksum_hash_*_new() Create new instance of hash.
chksum_hash_*_update(hash, data, length) Update hash with incoming data. Function processes only full blocks of data and doesn't apply padding.
chksum_hash_*_digest(hash) Return hash raw digest. You need to free memory on your own.
chksum_hash_*_hexdigest(hash) Return hash digest as hex string. You need to free memory on your own.
chksum_hash_*_drop(hash) Drop memory of hash structure.


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