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ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN(R) Network Server


ChirpStack is an open-source LoRaWAN(R) Network Server which can be used to set up LoRaWAN networks. ChirpStack provides a web-interface for the management of gateways, devices and tenants as well to set up data integrations with the major cloud providers, databases and services commonly used for handling device data. ChirpStack provides a gRPC based API that can be used to integrate or extend ChirpStack.

Documentation and binaries

Please refer to the ChirpStack website for documentation and pre-compiled binaries.

Building from source


Building ChirpStack requires:


Nix is used for setting up the development environment which is used for local development and for creating the binaries.

If you do not have Nix installed and do not wish to install it, then you can use the provided Docker Compose based Nix environment. To start this environment execute the following command:

make docker-devshell

Note: You will be able to run the test commands and run cargo build, but cross-compiling will not work within this environment (because it would try start Docker within Docker).


Docker is used by cross-rs for cross-compiling, as well as some of the make commands.

Starting the development shell

Run the following command to start the development shell:


Or if you do not have Nix installed, execute the following command:

make docker-devshell

Building the UI

To build the ChirpStack UI, execute the following command:

make build-ui

Running ChirpStack tests

Start required services

ChirpStack requires several services like PostgresQL, Redis, Mosquitto, ... to be running before you can run the tests. You need to start these services manually if you started the development shell using nix-shell:

docker compose up -d

Run tests

Run the following command to run the ChirpStack tests:

make test

Building ChirpStack binaries

Before compiling the binaries, you need to install some additional development tools (for cross-compiling, packaging, e.d.). Execute the following command:

make dev-dependencies

Run the following command within the ./chirpstack sub-folder:

# Build AMD64 debug build (optimized for build speed)
make debug-amd64

# Build AMD64 release build (optimized for performance and binary size)
make release-amd64

# Build all packages (all targets, .deb, .rpm and .tar.gz files)
make dist


ChirpStack Network Server is distributed under the MIT license. See also LICENSE.


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