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Helper functions and types for doing the activities of a CIO.


Runtime Flags

Specific runtime behaviors can be controlled via environment variables. Flags are disabled by default and setting the variable to true will enable the feature.

Flag Description
RFD_PDFS_IN_GITHUB Enables committing of rendered RFD PDFs back to their source repo
RFD_PDFS_IN_GOOGLE_DRIVE Enables writing of rendered RFD PDFs to Google Drive

The architecture for this application server and all it's surroundings is:



  • A rust library for interacting with the Checker API.
  • For more information, the Checker API is still is doumented here:
  • https://docs.checkr.com
  • Example:
  • use checkr::Checkr;
  • use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize};
  • async fn get_candidates() {
  • // Initialize the Checker client.
  • let checkr = Checkr::new_from_env();
  • // List the candidates.
  • let candidates = checkr.list_candidates().await.unwrap();
  • println!("{:?}", candidates);
  • }


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