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A trait and implementation for changing the case of Strings and &str. It currently supports uppercase, lowercase, alternating case, and inverting case. Title case is in the works.

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rust-changecase Build Status

Change the case of Strings in Rust. It's also implemented for &str. In the latter case, it returns a String.

Available functions:

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Invert case (inverts the case of each character)
  • AlTeRnAtInG cAsE

What I'm working on:

  • Title Case

Note: The implementation for &str returns String. I'd definitely prefer for it to return &str but I noticed that std::ascii:AsciiExt also returns a String for &str, so I went with that. I'm also not really sure how to get the functions to return &str 😕


extern crate changecase;
use changecase::ChangeCase;
use changecase::Case;

assert_eq!(String::from_str("Some").to_uppercase(), "SOME");
assert_eq!(String::from_str("Some").to_lowercase(), "some");
assert_eq!(String::from_str("Some").to_invertedcase(), "sOME");
assert_eq!(String::from_str("some thing").to_capitalized(), "Some thing");
assert_eq!(String::from_str("Some").to_altcase(Case::Lower), "sOmE");
assert_eq!(String::from_str("Some").to_altcase(Case::Upper), "SoMe");

assert_eq!("Some".to_uppercase(), "SOME");
assert_eq!("Some".to_lowercase(), "some");
assert_eq!("Some".to_invertedcase(), "sOME");
assert_eq!("some thing".to_capitalized(), "Some thing");
assert_eq!("Some".to_altcase(Case::Lower), "sOmE");
assert_eq!("Some".to_altcase(Case::Upper), "SoMe");

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