Cargo Features

cgl-src = { version = "0.2.7+0.60.8", default-features = false, features = ["with_clp", "default_cuts", "CglAllDifferent", "CglClique", "CglOddHole", "CglZeroHalf", "CglFlowCover", "CglGomory", "CglRedSplit2", "CglLiftAndProject", "CglLandP", "CglMixedIntegerRounding", "CglMixedIntegerRounding2", "CglTwomir", "CglResidualCapacity", "CglDuplicateRow", "CglProbing", "CglSimpleRounding"] }
default = default_cuts, with_clp

These default features are set whenever cgl-src is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

with_clp default CglGomory? CglTwomir?

Enables osiclp of clp-src

default_cuts default = CglAllDifferent, CglClique, CglDuplicateRow, CglFlowCover, CglGMI, CglGomory, CglKnapsackCover, CglLandP, CglLiftAndProject, CglMixedIntegerRounding, CglMixedIntegerRounding2, CglOddHole, CglPreProcess, CglProbing, CglRedSplit, CglRedSplit2, CglResidualCapacity, CglSimpleRounding, CglTwomir, CglZeroHalf
CglAllDifferent default_cuts

Combinatorial cuts:

CglClique default_cuts

CglBKClique = [] //for next version

CglKnapsackCover CglOddHole default_cuts
CglZeroHalf default_cuts

CglOddWheel = [] //for next version

CglFlowCover default_cuts

flow cover cuts:

CglGomory CglLandP? default_cuts = with_clp

Gomory cuts and variants:

CglGMI CglRedSplit CglRedSplit2 default_cuts
CglLiftAndProject default_cuts

Lift and project cuts:

CglLandP default_cuts = CglGomory
CglMixedIntegerRounding default_cuts

Mixed integer rounding cuts and variants:

CglMixedIntegerRounding2 default_cuts
CglTwomir default_cuts = with_clp
CglResidualCapacity default_cuts
CglDuplicateRow default_cuts

CglCliqueStrengthening = [] //for next version

CglPreProcess CglProbing default_cuts
CglSimpleRounding default_cuts

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

clp-src with_clp