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Celtic Names

This is a simple CLI tool to generate a celtic name using the markov chain method.

The data used to create the markov chain is scrapped from the celtic personal names of roman britain, CPNRB

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Using the Script

To get an overview of the parameters, use --help:

$ cargo run -- --help

Celtic Markov Names 0.1.5
Adilson Neto <almeidneto@gmail.com>
Generate a random celtic name using markov chains

    celtic_names [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help                Prints help information
    -m, --use_crate_markov    Check to use the markov crate instead of this tool custom implementation
    -V, --version             Prints version information

    -c, --chain_size <chain_size>              Set the order of the markov chain to use on name generation
    -n, --number_of_names <number_of_names>    Set the number of names to generate
    -s, --size_of_names <size_of_names>        Set the size of the names to generate

Running the script without parameters will run the defaults:

$ cargo run --release

Running with parameters: 
number_of_names: 10
size_of_names: 7
chain_size: 3
use_crate_markov: false

Fetching names...
Name(1): Uorix
Name(2): Ccianus
Name(3): Nibelia
Name(4): Utiustu
Name(5): Meco
Name(6): Ntokoxo
Name(7): Ecaratu
Name(8): Thianus
Name(9): Ecionus
Name(10): Esus


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