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Ced, a csv editor and library

Ths is a csv editor and a backend for other frontends.

Ced is not a fully featured editor, but more likely an "ed" for csv. Ced simply prevents you from adding surplus column or invalid data type.



Install rust related binaries

cargo install ced --features cli --locked

Binary usage

Ced option

# Print version
ced --version
# Print help
ced --help

# Start ced
# Optionaly with initial import
ced file.csv

# Execute script
# argument with .ced extension will be interpretted as execution script
# In this case, loop variants are restricted
ced script.ced

# Import schema and import data file.
# Execute a given command without opening an interactive shell
ced --schema schema.csv data.csv --command 'add-row 1 100,20;write'

Ced shell command

# Type help in prompt or give --help flag for detailed usage.

# Get help
>> help

# Import a file
>> import file_name.csv

# Import a schema file. Second argument determines overriding.
>> schema file_name true

# Print csv data optionally with a viewer command
# Set CED_VIEWER to set default print viewer
>> print
>> print tidy-viwer

# Append a new row to last
# Type a comma to exit loop
>> add-row 
First Header = .. <USER_INPUT>
Second Header = .. <USER_INPUT>

# Edit a given row
>> edit-row <ROW_NUMBER>

# Set a limiter for a column with interactive shell
>> limit

# Export to a file
>> export file_name.csv

# Overwrite to a source file
>> write

# Undo a previous operation
# History capacity is 16 by default
# You can override it with CED_HISTORY_CAPACITY
>> undo

# Redo a previous undo
>> redo


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