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Encodes images in AVIF format (image2avif converter). Pure Rust.

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0.5.1 Sep 9, 2020
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cavif — PNG/JPEG to AVIF converter

Encoder/converter for AVIF images. Based on rav1e and avif-serialize, which makes it a pure Rust tool, with no C code!


➡️ Download the latest release ⬅️

The pre-built zip includes a portable static executable, with no dependencies, that runs on any Linux distro. It also includes executables for macOS and Windows.


  • Chrome 85 desktop and libavif: full support. Support for --premultiplied-alpha option is coming soon.
  • Chrome on Android 12: full support.
  • Firefox 86: not compatible with images with alpha channel yet.


Run in a terminal (hint: you don't need to type the path, terminals accept file drag'n'drop)

cavif image.png

It makes image.avif. You can adjust quality (it's in 1-100 scale):

cavif --quality 60 image.png


You can also specify multiple images (encoding is multi-threaded, so the more, the better!).

  • --quality=n — Quality from 1 (worst) to 100 (best), the default value is 80. The numbers have different meaning than JPEG's quality scale. Beware when comparing codecs. There is no lossless compression support.
  • --speed=n — Encoding speed between 1 (best, but slowest) and 10 (fastest, but a blurry mess), the default value is 1. Encoding of AVIF is pretty slow, so you need either a) beefy multicore machine b) avoid large images c) patience.
  • --overwrite — Replace files if there's .avif already. By default existing files are left untouched.
  • -o path — Write output to this path instead of samefile.avif. If multiple input files are specified, it's interpreted as a directory.
  • --quiet — Don't print anything during conversion.
  • --premultiplied-alpha — May improve compression of transparent images by lowering quality of semi-transparent colors. Warning: new feature, may not be compatible with all decoders yet.
  • --dirty-alpha — Don't change RGB values of transparent pixels. By default irrelevant color of transparent pixels is cleared to avoid wasting space.
  • --color=rgb — encode using RGB color space instead of YCbCr color space. Makes color closer to lossless, but makes files larger.


To build it from source you need:

  • Rust 1.48 or later, preferably via rustup
  • nasm 2.14 or later

Then run in a terminal:

cargo install cavif


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