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A collection of embedded, thread-safe key-value stores in Rust

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A collection of embedded, thread-safe key-value stores (kvs) in Rust.

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The caves crate provides a selection of key-value stores with the following features:

  • Embedded
  • Thread-safe
  • Simple API; get/set/delete a key
  • Dev-friendly

You can find more info on the rationale behind this crate on https://docs.rs/caves.


use caves::errors::Error;
use caves::{MemoryCave, Cave};

// Initialize a MemoryCave object.
let b = MemoryCave::new();

// Create a new key with an empty value.
b.set("key", b"");

// Override the key's value.
b.set("key", b"value");

// Retrieve the contents of the key.
let res = b.get("key");
assert_eq!(res.unwrap(), b"value");

// Delete the key.

// Subsequent attempts to retrieve the contents of the key should return an
// error.
let res = b.get("key");
assert_eq!(res, Err(Error::NotFound("key".to_string())));

The above example uses an in-memory backend, but there is also support for filesystem and RocksDB backends. The latter can be enabled by passing the with-rocksdb feature flag for the caves dependency in your Cargo.toml.


You can read the latest docs in https://docs.rs/caves.


You can read the CONTRIBUTING.md guide for more info on how to contribute to this project.

Licensed under MPL-2.0. Please read the NOTICE.md and LICENSE files for the full copyright and license information.


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