Cargo Features

CARAPAX has no features set by default.

carapax = { version = "0.18.0", features = ["full", "access", "dialogue", "ratelimit", "session", "session-fs", "session-redis", "webhook"] }

include nothing by default

full = access, dialogue, ratelimit, session-fs, session-redis, webhook

enable everything

access full?

Enables serde

Affects carapax::access

dialogue full? = session

Enables serde

Affects carapax::dialogue

ratelimit full?

Enables governor and nonzero_ext

Affects carapax::ratelimit

session dialogue? session-fs? session-redis?

Enables seance

Affects carapax::session

session-fs full? = session

Enables fs-backend of optional seance

session-redis full? = session

Enables redis-backend of optional seance

webhook full?

Enables webhook of tgbot