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A tool for inspecting OpenShift must-gather records

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Uses new Rust 2021

0.8.1 Nov 11, 2022
0.8.0 Oct 21, 2022
0.7.2 Aug 1, 2022
0.7.1 May 6, 2022
0.7.0 Apr 30, 2022

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A tool for examining OKD/OpenShift must-gather records to investigate cluster autoscaler behavior and configuration.


  1. Install from crates.io with cargo install camgi
  2. Have a must-gather ready to go in $MUST_GATHER_PATH
  3. Run camgi $MUST_GATHER_PATH > mustgather.html
  4. Open mustgather.html in a webbrowser

Your web browser should now show a page with a summary of the must-gather and some interactive navigation buttons. If your browser does not open, you will see the URL printed on the terminal, copy it into a new browser tab or window.


This is a conversion of the okd-camgi tool from Python into Rust. The conversion is being written to make usage and distribution of the camgi output easier for end users. For example, adding the camgi output into a must-gather requires chaning the underlying must-gather image to allow for the dependencies required by the Python version. With a compiled binary, the distribution process can be simpler by requiring only a download of the binary executable.


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