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A nifty command alias manager

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1.0.8 Apr 29, 2022
1.0.6 Apr 20, 2022
1.0.5 Apr 18, 2022
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A nifty command alias manager

Note: NPM only supports Mac platform, while cargo supports Mac platform and Linux platform.

Quick Start


# cargo
cargo install camer
# pnpm
pnpm add camer -g


$ camer -h
camer 1.0.0

    camer <SUBCOMMAND>

    -h, --help       Print help information
    -V, --version    Print version information

    add       Add a command alias
    clean     Clean up CAM application files
    help      Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    init      Initialisation of the configuration file
    ls        Show all alias set
    remove    Remove existing alias


The configuration file needs to be initialised before the camer can be used. This is done by executing camer init.

$ camer init
[CAM INFO]: cam initialization succeeded, please run `source /Users/kim/.zshrc`

When the above message is output on the command line, the initialisation is successful.


The camer ls command lists all alias set.

$ camer ls
     gs --------- git status
     ga --------- git add
     gd --------- git diff
     gb --------- git branch
     gco -------- git checkout
     gcl -------- git clone
     gm --------- git merge
     gpl -------- git pull
     gps -------- git push
     grh -------- git reset HEAD
     grm -------- git rm
     gst -------- git stash
     gsta ------- git stash apply
     gstd ------- git stash drop
     gstl ------- git stash list
     gstp ------- git stash pop
     gsh -------- git show
     gshh ------- git show HEAD
     gsl -------- git shortlog
     gt --------- git tag
     gmv -------- git mv
     ni --------- npm install
     ya --------- yarn add
     pa --------- pnpm add
     nr --------- npm run
     s ---------- npm run start
     t ---------- npm run test
     p ---------- npm run prod
     d ---------- npm run dev
     b ---------- npm run build

These are the default alias settings.


The camer add command adds a new alias. The alias name and the command to be executed are required.

Let's add an alias for the npm run deploy command

$ camer add nd "npm run deploy"
[CAM INFO]: nd added successfully, please run `source /Users/kim/.zshrc`

The above result means that this was added successfully, so let's run the prompt command to make it work.


The camer remove command removes an existing alias. The alias name is required.

Let's remove the alias added in Add

$ camer remove nd
[CAM INFO]: remove nd alias succeeded, please run `source /Users/kim/.zshrc`

The above result means that this was removed successfully, so let's run the prompt command to make it work.


When you want to uninstall the camer application, please run camer clean before downloading if you need the configuration file to be removed along with it.

$ camer clean
[CAM Info]: Cam cleanup succeeded

The above result means that the cleanup was successful.

If you want to continue using it, please run camer init again to initialise it.




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