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Bitwarden Secrets Manager SDK

This repository houses the Bitwarden Secrets Manager SDK. The core SDK is written in Rust and provides a Rust API, CLI and Node-API bindings. In the future more language bindings might be added.

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Getting Started

cargo build


The project is structured as a monorepo using cargo workspaces.


To minimize the amount of work required to support additional bindings the project is structured around a json based API. With every binding only needing to implement one method, namely run_command.

To ensure type safety in the API, json schemas are generated from the rust structs in bitwarden using schemars. The json schemas are later used to generate the API bindings for each language using QuickType.

npm run schemas

API Bindings

We autogenerate the server bindings using openapi-generator. To do this we first need to build the internal swagger documentation.

Swagger generation

The first step is to generate the swagger documents from the server repository.

# src/Api
dotnet swagger tofile --output ../../api.json .\bin\Debug\net6.0\Api.dll internal

# src/Identity
dotnet swagger tofile --output ../../identity.json .\bin\Debug\net6.0\Identity.dll v1

OpenApi Generator

Runs from the root of the SDK project.

npx openapi-generator-cli generate `
    -i ../server/api.json `
    -g rust `
    -o crates/bitwarden-api-api `
    --package-name bitwarden-api-api `
    -t ./support/openapi-template `

npx openapi-generator-cli generate `
    -i ../server/identity.json `
    -g rust `
    -o crates/bitwarden-api-identity `
    --package-name bitwarden-api-identity `
    -t ./support/openapi-template `

OpenApi Generator works using templates, we have customized our templates to work better with our codebase.

There is also a scenario where we have a negative integer enum which completely breaks the openapi generation. In that case we excluded the file from being generated and manually patched it. crates/bitwarden-api-api/src/models/organization_user_status_type.rs

The hope going forward is that we can continue to use the generator with minimal manual intervention.


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