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Scrapes for the best Italian boomer flavoured images

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~ Scrapes for the best Italian boomer flavoured images ~

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Developed by @veeso

Current version: 0.2.1 (23/05/2023)

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About buongiornissimo-rs πŸ“·

Buongiornissimo-rs is a Rust library to scrape for Buongiornissimo caffè Italian boomer flavoured images from a Rust application. It supports different buongiornissimo providers to scrape the images from. It supports many kind of "greetings", such as the classic "buongiornissimo", but also the holiday-based greetings, like "natale", "sacro cuore di Gesù" and "Giovedì grasso". Everthing is provided through a simple and totally async API.

Features 🎁

  • Different providers to prevent api outages and to differentiate the contents.
  • Support for different kind of greetings based on the current date
  • Utilities functions to retrieve the moveable feasts date (such as Easter, Carnival, Corpus domini...). requires the moveable-feasts feature
  • A super comfy function greeting_of_the_day() to retrieve the best greeting for the day

Get started 🏁

Add buongiornissimo-rs to your Cargo.toml πŸ¦€

buongiornissimo-rs = "^0.2.0"

Supported features are:

  • no-log: disable logging
  • moveable-feasts (default): enable getters for moveable feasts

Scrape for buongiornissimo β˜•

use buongiornissimo_rs::{IlMondoDiGrazia, Scrape};
use chrono::Local;

async fn main() -> anyhow::Result<()> {
    let motd = buongiornissimo_rs::greeting_of_the_day(Local::today().naive_local(), true);
    let urls = IlMondoDiGrazia::default().scrape(motd).await?;
    // Do whatever you want with the scraped images...

Currently these providers are supported:

Examples πŸ”

You can check the example to scrape a buongiornissimo imagerunning the example, which is located at examples/buongiornissimo.rs:

cargo run --example buongiornissimo --features moveable-feasts

Documentation πŸ“š

The developer documentation can be found on Rust Docs at https://docs.rs/buongiornissimo-rs

Support the developer β˜•

If you like buongiornissimo-rs and you're grateful for the work I've done, please consider a little donation πŸ₯³

You can make a donation with one of these platforms:

ko-fi PayPal bitcoin litecoin

Contributing and issues 🀝🏻

Contributions, bug reports, new features and questions are welcome! πŸ˜‰ If you have any question or concern, or you want to suggest a new feature, or you want just want to improve buongiornissimo-rs, feel free to open an issue or a PR.

Please follow our contributing guidelines

Changelog ⏳

View buongiornissimo-rs's changelog HERE

License πŸ“ƒ

buongiornissimo-rs is licensed under the MIT license.

You can read the entire license HERE


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