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no-std buildid-linker-symbols

Configure the linker to support buildid crate's "buildid-symbol-start-end" feature

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buildid: get the buildid from your (running) library or executable

println!("{:?}", buildid::build_id())

build-id is a value which is guaranteed to change when any of the component objects of a binary change. A change in the build-id does not guarantee that the executable or it's components are actually different. Two distinct executables may have a different build-id if they were modified after linking (for example, by chrpath or similar).

build-id is intended to be sufficient to identify the appropriate debug information to use for a given object, and is used for this purpose by gdb and other debuggers.

build-id is also used by mesa as a key component in their caching of shaders (changes in the build-id cause the cache to be discarded).

Executables and shared objects contain build-ids. Using buildid::build_id() will return the build-id for the object that includes buildid (this crate). For example, if you write a shared object (shared library) using this crate, and provide a way to get the build-id in it's external API, that call will return the build-id of the shared object/library (not the executable).

By default, the buildid crate will pick the best build-id lookup function it can for your platform. If one is not avaliable, it may fail to compile. If you have a custom build-id lookup mechanism you want to tell buildid about, enabling one of the features may help.


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