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A generic graph data structure

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Binary Tree Graph (btree_graph)

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This library is a minimal implementation of a graph (abstract data structure) by way of two binary tree maps (BTreeMap). This implementation is often referred to as an adjacency list.

The primary goals of this implementation are to be minimal and idiomatic to the Rust language. The alloc crate is the only dependency when compiled with default features and is not optional. As one might assume, alloc is required for reason the implementation relies on BTreeMap (and the BTreeSet wrapper).


use btree_graph::BTreeGraph;

fn main() {
    let mut graph: BTreeGraph<String, String> = BTreeGraph::new();
    // Add nodes.
    // Add a relationship.
    graph.add_edge(String::from("Tarzan"), String::from("Jane"), String::from("Loves"));
    // Assert relationship now exists.
    assert!(graph.adjacdent(String::from("Tarzan"), String::from("Jane")));


Add the following to your Cargo.toml file:

btree_graph = "0.2.2"


Please see the API for a full list of available methods.


This work is dually licensed under MIT OR Apache-2.0.


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