Cargo Features

brydz_core has no features set by default.

brydz_core = { version = "0.5.0", features = ["speedy", "serde", "serde_ron", "amfiteatr", "torch", "parse", "parking_lot", "tokio", "postcard"] }

Enables speedy

serde serde_dedicate? serde_derive? serde_ron? = parse

Enables serde

serde_derive serde_dedicate serde_ron = serde

Enables ron and serde

amfiteatr torch?

Enables amfiteatr_core, log, num-rational, and smallvec

Affects brydz_core::amfiteatr

torch = amfiteatr

Enables amfiteatr_rl

parse serde?

Features from optional dependencies

parking_lot implicit feature

Enables parking_lot


More compact and efficient implementations of the standard synchronization primitives

tokio implicit feature

Enables tokio


An event-driven, non-blocking I/O platform for writing asynchronous I/O backed applications

postcard implicit feature

Enables postcard


A no_std + serde compatible message library for Rust