Cargo Features

broker-tokio has no features set by default.

broker-tokio = { version = "0.2.16", features = ["full", "blocking", "dns", "fs", "io-driver", "io-util", "io-std", "macros", "net", "process", "rt-core", "rt-util", "rt-threaded", "signal", "stream", "sync", "tcp", "time", "udp", "uds", "test-util", "winapi"] }

Include nothing by default

full = blocking, dns, fs, io-driver, io-std, io-util, macros, net, process, rt-core, rt-threaded, rt-util, signal, stream, sync, time

enable everything

blocking full? = rt-core
dns full? net? = rt-core
fs full? = rt-core
io-driver full? process? signal? tcp? udp? uds? = lazy_static, mio
io-util full? = memchr
io-std full? = rt-core

stdin, stdout, stderr

macros full? = tokio-macros
net full? = dns, tcp, udp, uds
process full? = io-driver, libc, mio-named-pipes, signal

Enables consoleapi, minwindef, threadpoollegacyapiset and winerror of winapi

rt-core blocking? dns? fs? full? io-std? rt-threaded?

Includes basic task execution capabilities

rt-util full?
rt-threaded full? = num_cpus, rt-core
signal full? process? = io-driver, lazy_static, libc, mio-uds, signal-hook-registry

Enables consoleapi and minwindef of winapi

stream full? = futures-core
sync full? = fnv
tcp net? = io-driver, iovec
time full? = slab
udp net? = io-driver
uds net? = io-driver, libc, mio-uds

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

tokio-macros macros?

Enables tokio-macros ^0.2.3

fnv sync?

With default (std)

futures-core stream?

With default (std)

lazy_static io-driver? signal?
memchr io-util?

With default (std)

mio io-driver?

Enables default (with-deprecated) of mio ^0.6.20

iovec tcp?
num_cpus rt-threaded?
slab time?

With default (std)

winapi cfg(windows) implicit feature
mio-named-pipes cfg(windows) process?
signal-hook-registry cfg(unix) signal?
mio-uds cfg(unix) signal? uds?
libc cfg(unix) process? signal? uds?

With default (std)