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The Noir Programming Language

Noir is a Domain Specific Language for SNARK proving systems. It has been designed to use any ACIR compatible proving system.

This implementation is in early development. It has not been reviewed or audited. It is not suitable to be used in production. Expect bugs!

Quick Start

Read the installation section here.

Once you have read through the documentation, you can visit Awesome Noir to run some of the examples that others have created.

Current Features


  • Barretenberg via FFI
  • Marlin via arkworks (Note -- latest interfaces may not be updated to support Marlin backend. Please open an issue if this is relevant to your project and requires attention.)


  • Module System
  • For expressions
  • Arrays
  • Bit Operations
  • Binary operations (<, <=, >, >=, +, -, *, /, %) [See documentation for an extensive list]
  • Unsigned integers
  • If statements
  • Structures and Tuples
  • Generics


  • Sha256
  • Blake2s
  • Schnorr signature verification
  • Pedersen
  • HashToField

Future Work

The current focus is to gather as much feedback as possible while in the alpha phase. The main focuses of Noir are safety and developer experience. If you find a feature that does not seem to be in line with these goals, please open an issue!

Concretely the following items are on the road map:

  • General code sanitization and documentation (ongoing effort)
  • Prover and Verifier Key logic. (Prover and Verifier pre-process per compile)
  • Fallback mechanism for backend unsupported opcodes
  • Visibility modifiers
  • Signed integers
  • Backend integration: (Bulletproofs)
  • Recursion
  • Big integers

Minimum Rust version

This crate's minimum supported rustc version is 1.73.0.

Working on this project

This project uses Nix and direnv to streamline the development experience. Please follow our guidelines to setup your environment for working on the project.

Building against a different local/remote version of Barretenberg

If you are working on this project and want a different version of Barretenberg (instead of the version this project is pinned against), you'll want to replace the lockfile version with your version. This can be done by running:

nix flake lock --override-input barretenberg /absolute/path/to/your/barretenberg

You can also point at a fork and/or branch on GitHub using:

nix flake lock --override-input barretenberg github:username/barretenberg/branch_name

Note: You don't want to commit the updated lockfile, as it will fail in CI!


Noir is free and open source. It is distributed under a dual license. (MIT/APACHE)

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in this crate by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


The Brillig bytecode is distinct from regular ACIR in that it does not generate constraints. This is a generalization over the fixed directives that exists within in the ACVM.


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