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A Brainhecc compiler written in Rust

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0.1.0 Oct 28, 2021

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A compiler for Brain[hecc] programs, written in Rust with Cranelift.

It compiles any valid Brainhecc program into an executable binary.



  • Cargo/Rust, to install & build the Brainhecc program.
  • GCC (or any other linker), required to link Brainheck programs.

Note: to compile Brainhecc programs, any linker may be used, but Brainhecc programs must be linked with the C standard library, otherwise compiled programs won't work.

Setting Up

Cargo can automatically download and build the Brainhecc program:

cargo install brainhecc

Hello World

The Hello, World! example can be compiled an ran with the following commands:

brainhecc examples/hello_world.brainhecc hello_world.o # compile the program
gcc hello_world.o -o hello_world # link the program with the C standard library
./hello_world # run the program
              # => Hello, world!


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