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This project is very early in developement.


Boundless is yet another keyboard / mouse sharing project. It is mainly implemented for my personal needs, so there are other projects that may have a greater feature scope or are more suitable for your needs. My use case / project goals, I use a gaming VM with gpu passthrough that runs Windows on a Linux host. Currently it is designed as Windows being the server and Linux the client.

Getting started
  • The server and the client both must know each other.
  • On each host run the following commands.
    • --generate-keys
      • This will genenerate the private/public keys on this system.
    • --public-key
      • This will print the public key of this system.
    • --trust PUBLIC_KEY
      • PUBLIC_KEY is the output of --public-key of the other system.
  • Start the server via --server
  • Start the client via --client SERVER_ADDR:1504
  • Switch input on the host running the server with Right Ctrl
Audio Support
  • On each host the argument --enable-audio must be used.
  • On the client (linux) a null sink needs to be created.
    • pactl load-module module-null-sink sink_name=boundless
Why is Windows the Server?
  • More robust in capturing input. UInput can be flacky when it come to capturing input. Causing keys to remained pressed for example.
  • Some games simply don't work with virtual inputs or ban you for using them.
What are some future goals?
  • Clipboard sharing.
What are some other cool projects?
  • rkvm
    • Similar project to this.
    • Server/Client is the other way around from this project.
  • Synergy
    • Linux only supports Xorg
  • Barrier
    • Synergy alternative
    • Linux only supports Xorg
  • Waynergy
    • Synergy/Barrier client only
    • Supports Wayland!
    • Early in development.

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