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Dashboard of rust-lang/rust’s bors queue

16 releases (7 breaking)

Uses old Rust 2015

0.9.3 Jul 29, 2018
0.9.1 Apr 21, 2018
0.9.0 Mar 28, 2018
0.5.5 Dec 23, 2017
0.5.3 Nov 24, 2017
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borsholder is a dashboard for monitoring the Rust compiler repository's pull requests status. It is a combination of rust-lang/rust's Homu queue with useful information (labels, recent timeline, CI status, etc) obtained from the GitHub API.


  1. Download Rust.

  2. Install borsholder by typing in the command line:

    cargo install borsholder
  3. Register a GitHub account.

  4. Create a personal access token. You do not need to enable any scopes or permissions.

  5. Start borsholder:

    borsholder --token «your_personal_access_token»
  6. Navigate to in your browser.

Note: The GitHub query is quite complex, and thus processing can be slow, and may take up to 2 minutes to get an output. If you see the webpage responds with Error: https://api.github.com/graphql: Server Error: 502 Bad Gateway, please just wait for a while and refresh.

Filter syntax

Enter any keyword in the filter text field to show a subset of the PRs. You may also look for a specific field like below:

Field Example
PR number ^number:45678
Author ^author:niko
Title ^title:.*macro
Has merge conflict? ^conflict
Labels ^labels:.*-review
Is rollup? ^rollup
Priority ^p=[1-9]
Homu status ^approved
CI status ^travis:failure

List of possible Homu status: Success, Pending, Approved, Reviewing, Error, Failure

List of possible CI status: Success, Pending, Error, Failure, Expected


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