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bin+lib borrowing_exerci

how to understand the borrowing in rust

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✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

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The Rust Feature Borrowing and Ownenship

Getting Started

cargo install cargo-script


  • name: hello-borrowing
  • crate name: borrowing_exerci
  • description: how to understand the rust borrowing

Subproject: bin-hello

  • folder name: bin-hello
  • description: the crate 'borrowing_exerci'

install the crate borrowing_exerci

cargo install borrowing_exerci

Use the crate borrowing_exerci help

bw -h

Use the crate borrowing_exerci

  • run a rust file like kw_fn.rs (See Help Command) with error codes
bw -f kw_fn -m err | bat -l rs
# tip: `f`, Forward  one window
# tip: `b`, Backward  one window
# tip: `q`, Exit.
  • run a rust file ex kw_fn.rs without error codes
bw -f kw_fn -m ok | bat -l rs



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