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A CLI for download boilerplate files

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Available on crates.io.

BoilerFiles is a CLI for downloading your boilerplate files from a public GitHub template repo.


Are you tired of copying your .editorconfig and .prettierrc to every new project you create? So am I!

With this CLI, you can easily download (multiple) files from your public GitHub repositories.

You may also create a file .boilerfiles in your home directory containing a qualifier for a default repository, e.g., YourUsername/YourTemplateRepository.


cargo install boilerfiles


boilerfiles [{user}/{repo}] [path]


With the following example, users are prompted to download files from the root directory of the DerYeger/boilerfiles repository.

boilerfiles DerYeger/boilerfiles

You may also specify a sub path, e.g., .github/workflows. This way, you may download files from the .github/workflows directory.

boilerfiles DerYeger/boilerfiles .github/workflows

Config file

By creating a file .boilerfiles in your home directory, you may set a default directory.

The file should have a single line that matches the format of the {user}/{repo} arg. If such a file exists, the respective argument may be omitted.


MIT - Copyright © Jan Müller


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