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Make sure to use latest Rust version, as the engine is always kept up to date.


Blue Engine is a general-purpose, easy-to-use, extendable, and portable graphics engine written in rust. The engine can run on many popular back-end APIs including Vulkan, D3D-12, GL-ES 3, and Metal as well as Windows, Linux, Mobile, and OSX to ensure cross-platform compatibility.

Hello World:

use blue_engine::{
    header::{ Engine, ObjectSettings },

fn main() {
    // initialize the engine
    let mut engine = Engine::new().expect("engine couldn't be initialized");

    // create a triangle
    triangle("my triangle", ObjectSettings::default(), &mut engine.renderer, &mut engine.objects).unwrap();

    // run the engine
        .update_loop(move |_, _, _, _, _, _| {})
        .expect("Error during update loop");

the credits to the image on top: NotPB

the development might seem slow sometimes, its due to multiple repositories being handled and due to my education taking a large chunk of my time. The project isn't dead, just slow.


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