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~ Rust client for Bitpanda API ~

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Developed by @veeso

Current version: 0.1.0 (18/05/2023)

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About bitpanda-api 🐼

bitpanda-api is a Rust client library for Bitpanda API. The library supports both the "private API" which requires the APIKEY and the public API. These data are exposed:

  • Public API
    • Get assets
    • Get OHLC for asset
  • Private API
    • Get transactions
    • Get trades
    • Get wallets

Get started 🏁

Add bitpanda-api to your Cargo.toml 🦀

bitpanda-api = "^0.1.0"

Query Bitpanda

use bitpanda_api::Client;
use bitpanda_api::model::AssetClass;
use bitpanda_api::model::ohlc::Period;

async fn main() {

    let client = Client::default().x_apikey(env!("X_API_KEY"));

    // collect my last 20 trades
    client.get_trades_ex(Some(20)).await.expect("failed to collect trades");

    // get OHLC for BTC of the last 5 years
    let btc = client
        .find(|asset| asset.symbol == "BTC")

    let ohlc = client.get_ohlc(Period::FiveYears, &btc.pid, "EUR").await.unwrap();

Documentation 📚

The developer documentation can be found on Rust Docs at https://docs.rs/bitpanda-api

Support the developer ☕

If you like bitpanda-api and you're grateful for the work I've done, please consider a little donation 🥳

You can make a donation with one of these platforms:

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Contributing and issues 🤝🏻

Contributions, bug reports, new features and questions are welcome! 😉 If you have any question or concern, or you want to suggest a new feature, or you want just want to improve bitpanda-api, feel free to open an issue or a PR.

Please follow our contributing guidelines

Changelog ⏳

View bitpanda-api's changelog HERE

License 📃

bitpanda-api is licensed under the MIT license.

You can read the entire license HERE


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