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A CLI for cloning and updating entire projects from bitbucket server

24 releases

0.4.5 Oct 25, 2021
0.4.2 Sep 3, 2021
0.4.0 May 9, 2021
0.3.15 Jan 7, 2021
0.2.2 Mar 29, 2020

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BitBucket Server Cli

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# From brew
brew install jensim/bitbucket_server_cli/bitbucket_server_cli

# From cargo
cargo install bitbucket_server_cli

# From source
cargo install --path . --force


& Windows subsystem Linux


brew install jensim/bitbucket_server_cli-linux/bitbucket_server_cli
# or
brew tap jensim/linuxbrew-bitbucket_server_cli-linux git@github.com:jensim/linuxbrew-bitbucket_server_cli-linux.git
brew install bitbucket_server_cli


Head over to the releases page and snag the windows *.exe archive. Or build from source. Or install from Cargo, which will build from source.

Interactive mode doesn't work in Cygwin/GitBash terminals due to lacking support in dialoguer, stick to using cmd.exe and PowerShell terminals


# Fully interactive
bitbucket_server_cli clone

# Partially interactive
bitbucket_server_cli clone -s https://example.com

# Batch mode 
bitbucket_server_cli -B -s https://example.com -A

# 'Safe' password usage in batch mode. Depending on terminal, password might be seen in process description.
IFS= read -rs BITBUCKET_PASSWORD < /dev/tty
bitbucket_server_cli -s https://example.com -A -u jensim -W

# Run from source
cargo run -- clone

git hooks

I've set up a little pre-commit bash-script that will run fmt, clippy & integration-tests

git config core.hooksPath .githooks
# or


  • Only tested on Mac OS X
  • Use at own risk
  • You are responsible for any and all actions you perform with this tool
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