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1.1.1 May 29, 2021

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BIIR - Brainfuck Interpreter In Rust

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cargo install biir


biir filename.bf

Numerical mode

Available through -n or --numerical-mode. Prints byte values instead of their ascii representations.

Debug mode

Entered via -d or --debug-mode. Allows the usage of !TAPE to print 10 nearby (already created) cells and also prints some debug info at the end of the execution.


  • !TAPE can be put at any point in the program, but will only do anything when running in debug mode.

  • Every , (comma) will take input the same way as getchar in C. It's also possible to provide it externally using pipes, however it will exit once the whole input was consumed.

  • (note to point above) Keep in mind that by default echo passes \n as last character. This behaviour can be avoided by using its -n flag.


  • add a cool logo


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