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Border Gateway Protocol in Rust (bgp-rs)

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A library for parsing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) formatted streams in Rust. Messages such as UPDATE, OPEN, KEEPALIVE and NOTIFICATION can be read this way.

Examples & Documentation

Reading a MRT file containing BGP4MP messages

use std::fs::File;
use std::io::Cursor;
use std::io::Read;
use std::io::BufReader;
use mrt_rs::Record;
use mrt_rs::bgp4mp::BGP4MP;
use libflate::gzip::Decoder;
use bgp_rs::{Identifier, PathAttribute};

fn main() {
   // Download an update message.
   let file = File::open("res/updates.20190101.0000.gz").unwrap();

   // Decode the GZIP stream.
   let decoder = Decoder::new(BufReader::new(file)).unwrap();

   // Create a new MRTReader with a Cursor such that we can keep track of the position.
   let mut reader = mrt_rs::Reader { stream: decoder };

   // Keep reading MRT (Header, Record) tuples till the end of the file has been reached.
   while let Ok(Some((_, record))) = reader.read() {

       // Extract BGP4MP::MESSAGE_AS4 entries.
       if let Record::BGP4MP(BGP4MP::MESSAGE_AS4(x)) = record {

           // Read each BGP (Header, Message)
           let cursor = Cursor::new(x.message);
           let mut reader = bgp_rs::Reader::new(cursor);
           let (_, message) = reader.read().unwrap();

           // If this is an UPDATE message that contains announcements, extract its origin.
           if let bgp_rs::Message::Update(x) = message {
               if x.is_announcement() {
                   if let PathAttribute::AS_PATH(path) = x.get(Identifier::AS_PATH).unwrap()
                       // Test the path.origin() method.
                       let origin = path.origin();

                       // Do other stuff ...

Reading a MRT file containing TABLE_DUMP_V2 messages

For examples and documentation look here.

Supported Path Attributes

IANA has an official list of number assignments for BGP path attributes. In the table below one can see the status of each path attribute:

Number Attribute Specification Status
1 ORIGIN RFC4271 Implemented
2 AS_PATH RFC4271 Implemented
3 NEXT_HOP RFC4271 Implemented
4 MULTI_EXIT_DISC RFC4271 Implemented
5 LOCAL_PREF RFC4271 Implemented
6 ATOMIC_AGGREGATE RFC4271 Implemented
7 AGGREGATOR RFC4271 Implemented
8 COMMUNITY RFC1997 Implemented
9 ORIGINATOR_ID RFC4456 Implemented
10 CLUSTER_LIST RFC4456 Implemented
11 DPA (deprecated) RFC6938 Implemented
12 ADVERTISER (deprecated) RFC1863 RFC4223 RFC6938 Not yet implemented
13 RCID_PATH / CLUSTER_ID (deprecated) RFC1863 RFC4223 RFC6938 Not yet implemented
14 MP_REACH_NLRI RFC4760 Implemented
15 MP_UNREACH_NLRI RFC4760 Implemented
17 AS4_PATH RFC6793 Implemented
18 AS4_AGGREGATOR RFC6793 Implemented
19 SAFI Specific Attribute (deprecated) draft-wijnands-mt-discovery-00 Not yet implemented
20 CONNECTOR RFC6037 Implemented
21 AS_PATHLIMIT draft-ietf-idr-as-pathlimit Implemented
22 PMSI_TUNNEL RFC6514 Implemented
23 Tunnel Encapsulation RFC5512 Implemented
24 Traffic Engineering RFC5543 Not yet implemented
25 IPv6 Address Specific Extended Community RFC5701 Implemented
26 AIGP RFC7311 Implemented
27 PE Distinguisher Labels RFC6514 Not yet implemented
28 BGP Entropy Label Capability (deprecated) RFC6790 RFC7447 Not yet implemented
29 BGP-LS RFC7752 Not yet implemented
32 LARGE_COMMUNITY RFC8092 Implemented
33 BGPSEC_PATH RFC8205 Not yet implemented
34 BGP Community Container (temporary) draft-ietf-idr-wide-bgp-communities Not yet implemented
35 Internal Only To Customer (temporary) draft-ietf-idr-bgp-open-policy Not yet implemented
40 BGP Prefix-SID RFC-ietf-idr-bgp-prefix-sid-27 Not yet implemented
128 ATTR_SET RFC6368 Implemented

Minimum Supported Rust Version

This crate's minimum supported rustc version is 1.34.2.

Crate Features

The default feature set includes encoding & decoding of BGP Messages with attributes listed above

Enable Flowspec NLRI

To enable Flowspec NLRI (SAFI 133) parsing (RFC5575), specify the flowspec feature:

bgp-rs = { version = "*", features = ["flowspec"]}

NOTE: This will add the bitflags dependency