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🗣 bema


Write your next slideshow in rust 🦀, as a self-contained binary 📦.


See examples/basic.rs.

👀 frontends

There are several ways you can display your slideshow.


demo cargo run --example basic gui

Invoke the program with gui as argument. Press escape for help on usage keys.

💾 Terminal

demo cargo run --example basic

Invoke the program with no argument. For now, full definition images are only supported within kitty, otherwise the program will fallback on blockish. Use arrow keys or hjkl to navigate, q to quit.

🕸 in browser with hovercraft

cargo run --example basic hovecraft

Just invoke the program with hovercraft as argument. This will output an hovercraft file (as well as images) that you can then interpret with hovercraft:

cargo run --example basic hovercraft > pres.hc && hovercraft pres.hc


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