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MAC specified by the BelT standard

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RustCrypto: belt-mac

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Pure Rust implementation of belt-mac.


use belt_mac::{BeltMac, Mac};
use hex_literal::hex;

let key = [0x42; 32];
let msg = b"input message";
let expected_tag = hex!("9f5c9623b4eff8802195e81bcd841959");

// To get the authentication code:
let mut mac: BeltMac = BeltMac::new_from_slice(&key).unwrap();
let tag = mac.finalize();
let tag_bytes = tag.into_bytes();
assert_eq!(&tag_bytes[..], &expected_tag[..]);

// To verify the message:
let mut mac: BeltMac = BeltMac::new_from_slice(&key).unwrap();
mac.update(b"input message");

Minimum Supported Rust Version

Rust 1.57 or higher.

Minimum supported Rust version can be changed in the future, but it will be done with a minor version bump.

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