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A Library and CLI for reading BackupPC pool files (contains a FUSE file system to mount the pool)

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BackupPC Pool Reader

BackupPC Pool Reader is a simple tool designed to read the BackupPC pool and list the files in it. This tool is built using Rust, providing efficient and fast performance.


  • Read the BackupPC pool: The tool can access and read the BackupPC pool, providing a list of files within it.
  • Fast and efficient: Built with Rust, this tool provides fast and efficient performance.


Ensure you have Rust and Cargo installed on your machine. If not, you can install them from here.

For using the library in your project:

cargo add backuppc_pool_reader

For using the tool:

cargo install backuppc_pool_reader


As a binary

The tool propose the following commands:

The command cat will display the content of a file in the pool.

BPC_TOPDIR=/var/lib/backuppc backuppc_pool_reader cat --host pc-ulrich --number 10 --share /home /ulrich/Downloads/test.txt

The command ls will list the content of a directory in the pool.

BPC_TOPDIR=/var/lib/backuppc backuppc_pool_reader ls pc-ulrich  10 /home /ulrich/Downloads

The command host will list all the hostname

BPC_TOPDIR=/var/lib/backuppc backuppc_pool_reader host

The command backups will list all the backups for a host

BPC_TOPDIR=/var/lib/backuppc backuppc_pool_reader backups pc-ulrich

The command mount will mount the pool in a directory to access to all host, backups and share files:

BPC_TOPDIR=/var/lib/backuppc backuppc_pool_reader mount /tmp/backuppc


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