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A zero-copy parser for Rust backtraces

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Jul 27, 2018

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A zero-copy parser for Rust backtraces.


This crate implements a parser for backtraces.

The aim is to parse backtraces in the standard format that any Rust program can generate, for instance when crashing due to a panic, by creating a failure::Error, or by using the backtrace crate directly.

The parser follows a zero-copy approach, which means that the input string can be provided by reference, and will not be copied during parsing. This has the effect that parsing a captured backtrace tends to be very performant.


use backtrace_parser::Backtrace;

let backtrace = Backtrace::parse(input).unwrap();

for frame in backtrace.frames() {
    for symbol in frame.symbols() {
        println!("symbol: {:?}", symbol);


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