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Backplane provides tools for moving data between common interfaces

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This library is a work in progress! It is being published to integrate in other projects, to get an idea of an appropriate API.

BackPlane is a simple wrapper over several interfaces (files, TCP, UDP, and hopefully eventually serial) to help with tools that move data between interfaces.

The primary purpose is to use with the ccsds_router tool (https://github.com/nsmryan/CCSDS-Router), but the concept could extend to a separate command line program and a library for moving and splitting data streams between common interfaces.

This is not intended to be the highest speed solution- it is intended to make certain tools simple.

The Name

The name blackplane was chosen to evoke the image of a series of connected components, each interfacing with a single backplane, and passing messages around. While this is not a messaging system, it does provide a routing system for moving data between streams.


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