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A collection of Rust crates for making Minecraft bots, clients, and tools.


Currently supported Minecraft version: 1.20.4.

[!WARNING] Azalea is still very unfinished, though most crates are in a somewhat useable state



The "stable" documentation is available at docs.rs/azalea and the unstable docs are at azalea.matdoes.dev (recommended).


If you'd like to chat about Azalea, you can join the Matrix space at #azalea:matdoes.dev (recommended) or the Discord server at discord.gg/FaRey6ytmC (they're bridged so you don't need to join both).


  • Do everything a vanilla client can do.
  • Be intuitive and easy to use.
  • Make it easy to have many bots working at the same time.
  • Don't trigger anticheats.
  • Support the latest Minecraft version.
  • Be fast and memory efficient.


  • Supporting several versions of Minecraft on the same branch*.
  • Bedrock edition.
  • Graphics.


There are several branches in the Azalea repository that target older Minecraft versions. It is not guaranteed that they will be up-to-date with the latest version of Azalea. If you'd like to update them or add more, please open a PR.


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