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Pipe stdin to stdout after user confirmation

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AYS - Are You Sure?

About AYS

ays (Are You Sure?) is small command line application that asks the user for confirmation before piping its stdin into its stdout. If the user does not successfully confirm, ays writes EOF to its stdout.

ays is a great utility when defining shell aliases that you'd like to have a user confirmation before proceeding.

I've personally found that ays is a great companion for fzf, but I'm pretty sure people will find other really interesting use cases. See some of my personal use cases down below.



cargo install ays


ays ["alternative prompt"]

If you'd like ays to use a different prompt message than the default "Are you sure?", you can specify it as its parameter (ays will append the closing question mark itself).


Deleting git branches locally checked out

alias gbd="git for-each-ref --format='%(refname:short)' refs/heads/ | fzf --height=~20 | ays | xargs git branch -D"

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