Cargo Features

awsm_web = { version = "0.45.0", default-features = false, features = ["all", "data", "stream", "dom", "audio", "image", "video", "canvas", "input", "loaders", "serde_iso", "tick", "workers", "window", "webgl", "file", "debug_log", "unwrap_verbose", "disable_webgl_opt"] }
default = file

The file feature is set by default whenever awsm_web is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

all = audio, canvas, data, dom, file, image, input, loaders, serde_iso, stream, tick, video, webgl, window, workers
data all? file loaders? webgl?

Affects awsm_web::data

stream all? = futures

Affects awsm_web::stream

dom all?

Enables CssStyleDeclaration, Document, DocumentFragment, DomRect, DomTokenList, Element, HtmlCollection, HtmlElement and NodeList of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::dom

audio all? = beach_map

Enables AudioBuffer, AudioBufferOptions, AudioBufferSourceNode, AudioBufferSourceOptions, AudioContext, AudioContextOptions, AudioContextState, AudioDestinationNode, AudioNode, AudioParam, Event, GainNode, HtmlAudioElement, HtmlMediaElement and MediaElementAudioSourceNode of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::audio, loaders::audio

image all? webgl?

Enables HtmlImageElement, ImageBitmap and ImageData of web-sys

Affects loaders::image

video all? webgl?

Enables HtmlVideoElement of web-sys

canvas all? webgl?

Enables CanvasRenderingContext2d and HtmlCanvasElement of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::canvas

input all?

Enables Document, Element, Event, EventTarget and MouseEvent of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::input

loaders all? = data, discard, futures, gloo-timers, wasm-bindgen-futures, window

Enables AbortController, AbortSignal, Blob, BlobPropertyBag, File, Headers, HtmlElement, Location, Request, RequestCredentials, RequestInit, Response, ResponseInit and Url of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::loaders

serde_iso all? = serde, serde-wasm-bindgen, serde_json
tick all? = window, workers

Affects awsm_web::tick

workers all? tick?

Enables Blob, BlobPropertyBag, Worker, WorkerGlobalScope and WorkerOptions of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::workers, awsm_web::global

window all? loaders? tick?

Enables Window of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::window, awsm_web::global

webgl all? = beach_map, canvas, data, image, rustc-hash, serde, serde-wasm-bindgen, video

Enables AngleInstancedArrays, OesVertexArrayObject, WebGl2RenderingContext, WebGlActiveInfo, WebGlBuffer, WebGlFramebuffer, WebGlProgram, WebGlQuery, WebGlRenderbuffer, WebGlRenderingContext, WebGlShader, WebGlTexture, WebGlUniformLocation, WebGlVertexArrayObject and WebglDrawBuffers of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::webgl

file default all? = data, wasm-bindgen-futures

Enables Blob, BlobPropertyBag, Document, File, FileList, HtmlAnchorElement, HtmlInputElement, Url and Window of web-sys

Affects awsm_web::file


more verbose logging of internal methods


same but only in terms of how unwrap_ext() works


skip some webgl cache checks and things. not reliable, just used for debugging

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

rustc-hash webgl?
serde serde_iso? webgl?
serde_json serde_iso?

Affects fetch::fetch_with_data, fetch::fetch_with_data_abortable, fetch::fetch_with_headers_and_data, fetch::fetch_with_headers_and_data_abortable

beach_map audio? webgl?
wasm-bindgen-futures file loaders?
serde-wasm-bindgen serde_iso? webgl?
futures loaders? stream?
gloo-timers loaders?
discard loaders?