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rustcommon is a collection of common libraries we use in our Rust projects. This includes datastructures, logging, metrics, timers, and ratelimiting.


rustcommon is a workspace repository which contains several crates (libraries) which act as foundational libraries for other Rust projects, such as Pelikan, rpc-perf, and Rezolus.

Each crate within this repository contains its own readme and changelog detailing the purpose and history of the library.

Getting Started


rustcommon is built with the standard Rust toolchain which can be installed and managed via rustup or by following the directions on the Rust website.

Clone and build rustcommon from source

git clone https://github.com/pelikan-io/rustcommon
cd rustcommon

# run tests
cargo test --all


Create a new issue on GitHub.


A full list of contributors can be found on GitHub.


Provides a Waker trait to allow using the Waker from mio or a provided Waker that uses eventfd directly (supported only on linux) interchangably.

This is particularly useful in cases where some struct (such as a queue) may be used with either mio-based event loops, or with io_uring. The Waker provided by mio is not directly usable in io_uring based code due to the fact that it must be registered to an event loop (such as epoll).


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