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🎯 AutoCorrect 的愿景是提供一套标准化的文案较正方案。以便于在各类场景(例如:撰写书籍、文档、内容发布、项目源代码...)里面应用,让使用者轻松实现标准化、专业化的文案输出 / 校正。

AutoCorrect is a linter and formatter to help you to improve copywriting, correct spaces, words, punctuations between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

Like Eslint, Rubocop, Gofmt ..., AutoCorrect allows us to check source code, and output as colorized diff with corrected suggest. You can integrate to CI (GitLab CI, GitHub Action, Travis CI....) for use to checking the contents in source code. Recognize the file name, and find out the strings and the comment part.

基于 Rust 编写的 CLI 工具,用于「自动纠正」或「检查并建议」文案,给 CJK(中文、日语、韩语)与英文混写的场景,补充正确的空格,纠正单词,同时尝试以安全的方式自动纠正标点符号等等。

类似 ESlint、Rubocop、Gofmt 等工具,AutoCorrect 可以用于 CI 环境,它提供 Lint 功能,能便捷的检测出项目中有问题的文案,起到统一规范的作用。


此方案最早于 2013 年 出现于 Ruby China 的项目,并逐步完善规则细节,当前准确率较高(极少数异常情况),你可以放心用来辅助你完成自动纠正动作。

Other implements for programming:


  • Auto add spacing between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and English words.
  • Multiple file content support (HTML, YAML, Rust, Go, SQL, Ruby, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Dart, JavaScript, CSharp ...).
  • Fullwidth -> halfwidth (only for [a-zA-Z0-9], and in time).
  • Correct punctuations into Fullwidth near the CJK.
  • Spellcheck and correct words by your own dictionary.
  • Lint checking and output diff or JSON result, so you can integrate to everywhere (GitLab CI, GitHub Action, VS Code, Vim, Emacs...)
  • Allows using .gitignore or .autocorrectignore to ignore files that you want to ignore.
  • Desktop app for macOS, (Windows, Linux WIP).
autocorrect lint output


🍏 AutoCorrect 还为非技术人员提供了比较简单的桌面端版本,如有需要可访问 Download 页面来下载。

$ curl -sSL https://git.io/JcGER | bash

After that, you will get /usr/local/bin/autocorrect command.

AutoCorrect 1.9.0
Jason Lee <huacnlee@gmail.com
A linter and formatter for help you improve copywriting, to correct spaces, words, punctuations between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

    autocorrect [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [file]... [SUBCOMMAND]

        --debug      Print debug message.
        --type       Directly use set file type.
        --fix        Automatically fix problems and rewrite file.
    -h, --help       Prints help information
        --lint       Lint and output problems.
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -c, --config <config>       Special config file. [default: .autocorrectrc]
        --format <formatter>    Choose an output formatter. [default: diff]  [possible values: json, diff]
        --threads <threads>     Number of threads, 0 - use number of CPU. [default: 0]

    <file>...    Target filepath or dir for format. [default: .]

    help       Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    init       Init AutoCorrect config file.
    update     Update AutoCorrect to latest version.


After: 1.9.0

AutoCorrect allows you to upgrade itself by autocorrect update command.

$ autocorrect update

NOTE: This command need you input your password, because it will install bin into /usr/local/bin directory.


Using CLI

$ autocorrect text.txt
你好 Hello 世界

$ autocorrect --fix text.txt
$ autocorrect --fix zh-CN.yml
$ autocorrect --fix


$ autocorrect --lint --format json text.txt

$ autocorrect --lint text.txt
  --> text.txt:1:3
- 你好Hello世界
+ 你好 Hello 世界

You also can lint multiple files:

$ autocorrect --lint


$ autocorrect init
Fetching https://github.com/huacnlee/autocorrect/raw/main/.autocorrectrc.template
AutoCorrect init config: .autocorrectrc

NOTE: If you download fail, try to use autocorrect init --local command again.

Now the .autocorrectrc file has created.

.autocorrectrc is allows use YAML, JSON format.

Config file example:

# Config for Speelcheck
  # 0 - Disabled, 1 - Format and Lint, 2 - LintOnly
  mode: 1
  # Correct Words (Case insensitive) for by Spellcheck
    - GitHub
    - App Store
    # This means "appstore" into "App Store"
    - AppStore = App Store
    - Git
    - Node.js
    - nodejs = Node.js
    - VIM
    - DNS
    - HTTP
    - SSL

Ignore option

Use .autocorrectignore to ignore files

Sometimes, you may want to ignore some special files that not wants to check.

By default, the file matched .gitignore rule will be ignored.

You can also use .autocorrectignore to ignore other files, format like .gitignore.

Disable with inline comment

If you just want to disable some special lines in file, you can write a comment autocorrect: false or autocorrect-disable, when AutoCorrect matched comment include that, it will disable temporary.

And then, you can use autocorrect: true or autocorrect-enable to reopen it again.

For example, in JavaScript:

function hello() {
  // autocorrect: true
  let a = '现在起autocorrect回到了启用的状态';

The output will:

function hello() {
  // autocorrect: true
  let a = '现在起 autocorrect 回到了启用的状态';

VS Code Extension

Install Extension


内置 Visual Studio Code 插件,安装后会将 AutoCorrect 和 Visual Studio Code 完整集成,可以达到「保存自动格式化」或「纠正提示」。



GitHub Action


Add to your .github/workflows/ci.yml

  - name: Check source code
    uses: actions/checkout@main

  - name: AutoCorrect
    uses: huacnlee/autocorrect-action@main

GitLab CI

Add to your .gitlab-ci.yml, to use huacnlee/autocorrect Docker image to check.

  stage: build
  image: huacnlee/autocorrect:latest
    - autocorrect --lint
  # Enable allow_failure if you wants.
  # allow_failure: true

Use for JavaScript

AutoCorrect also provide a JavaScript module via WebAssembly, you can use it in your JavaScript project.

yarn add @huacnlee/autocorrect

And then:

const autocorrect = import('@huacnlee/autocorrect');

const raw = `<p>你好Hello世界</p>`;
autocorrect.then((autocorrect) => {
  const out = autocorrect.formatHTML(raw);
  // "<p>你好 Hello 世界</p>"

Use for Node.js

When you want use AutoCorrect in Node.js, you must install @huacnlee/autocorrect-node.

yarn add @huacnlee/autocorrect-node

And then:

const autocorrect = require('@huacnlee/autocorrect-node');

// "你好 Hello 世界"

Use for Rust

In your Cargo.toml

autocorrect = "1.0.0"

Use autocorrect::format to format plain text.

extern crate autocorrect;

fn main() {
	println!("{}", autocorrect::format("长桥LongBridge App下载"));
	// => "长桥 LongBridge App 下载"

	println!("{}", autocorrect::format("Ruby 2.7版本第1次发布"));
	// => "Ruby 2.7 版本第 1 次发布"

	println!("{}", autocorrect::format("于3月10日开始"));
	// => "于 3 月 10 日开始"

	println!("{}", autocorrect::format("包装日期为2013年3月10日"));
	// => "包装日期为 2013 年 3 月 10 日"

	println!("{}", autocorrect::format("全世界已有数百家公司在生产环境中使用Rust,以达到快速、跨平台、低资源占用的目的。"));
	// => "全世界已有数百家公司在生产环境中使用 Rust,以达到快速、跨平台、低资源占用的目的。"

	println!("{}", autocorrect::format("既に、世界中の数百という企業がRustを採用し、高速で低リソースのクロスプラットフォームソリューションを実現しています。"));
	// => "既に、世界中の数百という企業が Rust を採用し、高速で低リソースのクロスプラットフォームソリューションを実現しています。"

	println!("{}", autocorrect::format("전 세계 수백 개의 회사가 프로덕션 환경에서 Rust를 사용하여 빠르고, 크로스 플랫폼 및 낮은 리소스 사용량을 달성했습니다."));
	// => "전 세계 수백 개의 회사가 프로덕션 환경에서 Rust 를 사용하여 빠르고, 크로스 플랫폼 및 낮은 리소스 사용량을 달성했습니다."

	println!("{}", autocorrect::format("需要符号?自动转换全角字符、数字:我们将在16:32分出发去CBD中心.")
	// => "需要符号?自动转换全角字符、数字:我们将在 16:32 分出发去 CBD 中心。"

Use `autocorrect::format_html` to format HTML content.

extern crate autocorrect;

fn main() {
	let html = r#"
	<div class="content">

	println!("{}", autocorrect::format_html(html));
	// <article>
	// <h1>这是 Heading 标题</h1>
	// <div class="content">
	//     <p>你好 Rust 世界<strong>Bold 文本</strong></p>
	//     <p>这是第二行 p 标签</p>
	// </div>
	// </article>


MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)

Use make bench to run benchmark tests.

See autocorrect/src/benches/example.rs for details.

test bench_format_50                 ... bench:       7,525 ns/iter (+/- 171)
test bench_format_100                ... bench:      13,586 ns/iter (+/- 304)
test bench_format_400                ... bench:      48,858 ns/iter (+/- 1,078)
test bench_format_html               ... bench:     156,654 ns/iter (+/- 4,773)
test bench_format_javascript         ... bench:      89,387 ns/iter (+/- 8,365)
test bench_format_json               ... bench:      29,356 ns/iter (+/- 718)
test bench_format_json_with_2k_lines ... bench:   3,829,479 ns/iter (+/- 76,499)
test bench_markdown                  ... bench:   2,821,642 ns/iter (+/- 38,704)
test bench_spellcheck_50             ... bench:      37,371 ns/iter (+/- 844)
test bench_spellcheck_100            ... bench:      57,835 ns/iter (+/- 745)
test bench_spellcheck_400            ... bench:     195,606 ns/iter (+/- 2,996)
Type Total chars Duration
format 50 0.014 ms
format 100 0.019 ms
format 400 0.045 ms
format Markdown 2.8 ms
spellcheck 50 0.037 ms
spellcheck 100 0.057 ms
spellcheck 400 0.195 ms

Real world benchmark

With MDN Translated Content project, it's has about 30K files.

~/work/translated-content $ autocorrect --fix
AutoCorrect spend time: 8402.538ms


This project under MIT license.


~25K SLoC