Cargo Features

async-stripe = { version = "0.25.2", default-features = false, features = ["full", "stream", "checkout", "billing", "connect", "fraud", "issuing", "orders", "sigma", "terminal", "webhook-endpoints", "tax-calculation", "webhook-events", "events", "async", "blocking", "runtime-tokio-hyper", "runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls", "runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls-webpki", "runtime-blocking", "runtime-blocking-rustls", "runtime-blocking-rustls-webpki", "runtime-async-std-surf", "hyper-client", "hyper-rustls-native", "hyper-rustls-webpki", "uuid", "rocket"] }
default = full, stream, uuid, webhook-events

These default features are set whenever async-stripe is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

full default = billing, checkout, connect, fraud, issuing, orders, sigma, tax-calculation, terminal, webhook-endpoints
stream default
checkout full = billing

stripe feature groups

Affects generated::checkout

billing checkout? full

Affects generated::billing

connect full

Affects generated::connect

fraud full

Affects generated::fraud

issuing full

Affects generated::issuing

orders full
sigma full

Affects generated::scheduled_query_run

terminal full

Affects generated::terminal

webhook-endpoints full

Affects generated::webhook_endpoints

tax-calculation full

Affects generated::tax_calculation

webhook-events default = chrono, events, hex, hmac, sha2

deserialize events from webhooks

Affects webhook_events::Webhook

events webhook-events

Affects generated::event

async runtime-async-std-surf? runtime-tokio-hyper? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls-webpki? = futures-util


blocking runtime-blocking? runtime-blocking-rustls? runtime-blocking-rustls-webpki?
runtime-tokio-hyper = async, hyper-client, hyper-tls, tokio
runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls = async, hyper-client, hyper-rustls, hyper-rustls-native, tokio
runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls-webpki = async, hyper-client, hyper-rustls-webpki, tokio
runtime-blocking = blocking, hyper-client, hyper-tls, tokio

Enables rt of tokio

runtime-blocking-rustls = blocking, hyper-client, hyper-rustls-native, tokio

Enables rt of tokio

runtime-blocking-rustls-webpki = blocking, hyper-client, hyper-rustls-webpki, tokio

Enables rt of tokio

runtime-async-std-surf = async, async-std, surf
hyper-client runtime-blocking? runtime-blocking-rustls? runtime-blocking-rustls-webpki? runtime-tokio-hyper? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls-webpki? = hyper

we need the compat crate if using hyper

Enables hyperium_http of http-types

hyper-rustls-native runtime-blocking-rustls? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls? = hyper-rustls

Enables native-tokio of hyper-rustls

hyper-rustls-webpki runtime-blocking-rustls-webpki? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls-webpki? = hyper-rustls

Enables webpki-tokio of hyper-rustls

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

async-std runtime-async-std-surf?

Enables default features of async-std ^1.8, <1.11

chrono webhook-events

With serde and clock

hyper hyper-client?

Enables http1, http2, client and tcp of hyper ^0.14

hyper-tls runtime-blocking? runtime-tokio-hyper?

Enables hyper-tls ^0.5

hyper-rustls hyper-rustls-native? hyper-rustls-webpki? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls?

With http1, http2, tls12 and logging

surf runtime-async-std-surf?

With default features

tokio runtime-blocking? runtime-blocking-rustls? runtime-blocking-rustls-webpki? runtime-tokio-hyper? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls? runtime-tokio-hyper-rustls-webpki?
uuid default

Enables v4 and default (std) of uuid ^0.8

futures-util async?

With default features

hmac webhook-events

sha2 webhook-events

With default (std)

hex webhook-events

With default (std)

rocket implicit feature

Enables default (private-cookies) of rocket ^0.4