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High-level library for asynchronous SSH connections

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High-level library for asynchronous SSH connections.

This crate presents a higher-level asynchronous interface for issuing commands over SSH connections. It's built on top of thrussh, a pure-Rust implementation of the SSH protocol.

At its core, the crate provides the notion of an SSH [Session], which can have zero or more [Channel]s. Each [Channel] executes some user-defined command on the remote machine, and implements AsyncRead and (eventually) AsyncWrite to allow reading from and writing to the remote process respectively. For those unfamiliar with asynchronous I/O, you'll likely want to start with the functions in tokio-io::io.

The code is currently in a pre-alpha stage, with only a subset of the core features implemented, and with fairly gaping API holes like thrussh types being exposed all over the place or error types not being nice to work with.


let key = thrussh_keys::load_secret_key("/path/to/key", None).unwrap();

let mut core = tokio_core::reactor::Core::new().unwrap();
let handle = core.handle();
let ls_out = tokio_core::net::TcpStream::connect(&"".parse().unwrap(), &handle)
    .and_then(|c| Session::new(c, &handle))
    .and_then(|session| session.authenticate_key("username", key))
    .and_then(|mut session| session.open_exec("ls -la"));

let channel = core.run(ls_out).unwrap();
let (channel, data) = core.run(tokio_io::io::read_to_end(channel, Vec::new())).unwrap();
let status = core.run(channel.exit_status()).unwrap();

println!("{}", ::std::str::from_utf8(&data[..]).unwrap());
println!("exited with: {}", status);


The crate is under development as part of a live-coding stream series intended for users who are already somewhat familiar with Rust, and who want to see something larger and more involved be built. For futures-related stuff, I can also highly recommend @aturon's in-progress Async in Rust book.

You can find the recordings of past sessions in this YouTube playlist. This crate started out in this video. To get updates about future streams, follow me on Patreon or Twitter.

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