Cargo Features

async-graphql = { version = "6.0.11", default-features = false, features = ["apollo_persisted_queries", "apollo_tracing", "email-validator", "cbor", "chrono-duration", "dataloader", "decimal", "password-strength-validator", "string_number", "tokio-sync", "tracing", "unblock", "dynamic-schema", "graphiql", "playground", "bson", "chrono-tz", "hashbrown", "log", "opentelemetry", "bigdecimal", "secrecy", "smol_str", "time", "url", "uuid", "uuid08", "tempfile"] }
default = email-validator, graphiql, playground, tempfile

These default features are set whenever async-graphql is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

apollo_persisted_queries = lru, sha2

Affects extensions::apollo_persisted_queries

apollo_tracing = chrono
email-validator default = fast_chemail
cbor = serde_cbor

Affects http::receive_cbor, http::receive_batch_cbor

chrono-duration = chrono, iso8601
dataloader = futures-channel, futures-timer, lru

Affects async-graphql::dataloader

decimal = rust_decimal
password-strength-validator = zxcvbn
tokio-sync = tokio
tracing = tracing-futures, tracinglib
unblock = blocking

Affects async-graphql::dynamic

graphiql default = handlebars
playground default

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

bson implicit feature

With chrono-0_4 and uuid-1

chrono apollo_tracing? chrono-duration?

With clock and std

chrono-tz implicit feature

Enables default (std) of chrono-tz ^0.6.1

fast_chemail email-validator
hashbrown implicit feature

Enables default features of hashbrown ^0.12.0

iso8601 chrono-duration?

With default (std)

log implicit feature
opentelemetry implicit feature

With trace

rust_decimal decimal?

With default features

bigdecimal implicit feature

Enables bigdecimal ^0.3.0

secrecy implicit feature

With default (alloc)

smol_str implicit feature

Enables default (std) of smol_str ^0.1.21

time implicit feature

With parsing, formatting, macros and default (std)

tokio tokio-sync?

With sync

tracing-futures tracing?

With std-future, futures-03 and default features

tracinglib tracing?

Enables default features of tracing

url implicit feature
uuid implicit feature

With v4, serde and default (std)

uuid08 implicit feature

Enables v4, serde and default (std) of uuid ^0.8

tempfile default

Affects upload::UploadValue.content

blocking unblock?

futures-channel dataloader?

With default (std)

futures-timer dataloader?
lru apollo_persisted_queries? dataloader?

Enables default (hashbrown) of lru ^0.7.1

serde_cbor cbor?

With default (std)

sha2 apollo_persisted_queries?

With default (std)

zxcvbn password-strength-validator?

With default (builder)

handlebars graphiql