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A GraphQL server library implemented in Rust

Async-graphql is a high-performance server-side library that supports all GraphQL specifications.


This crate uses #![forbid(unsafe_code)] to ensure everything is implemented in 100% Safe Rust.

Stability: Unstable & Experimental

This project doesn't currently follow Semantic Versioning (SemVer), and there can be breaking changes on any version numbers. We will begin following SemVer once the project reaches v2.0.0

Even though this project is above v1.0.0, we are rapidly changing and improving the API. This has caused versioning problems that aren't easily resolved because the project became popular very quickly (it was only started in March 2020).

We currently plan to start following SemVer once we reach the v2.0.0 release, which will happen once the API starts to stabilize. Unfortunately, we don't currently have the timeline for this.

In accordance with Rust's policy on pre-1.0.0 crates, we will try to keep breaking changes limited to minor version changes, but if things don't seem to be compiling after an upgrade, it is likely you'll need to dive into compiler errors to update some syntax that changed. Feel free to open an issue if something seems weird!


  • Fully supports async/await
  • Type safety
  • Rustfmt friendly (Procedural Macro)
  • Custom scalars
  • Minimal overhead
  • Easy integration (hyper, actix_web, tide ...)
  • Upload files (Multipart request)
  • Subscriptions (WebSocket transport)
  • Custom extensions
  • Apollo Tracing extension
  • Limit query complexity/depth
  • Error Extensions
  • Apollo Federation


If you are just getting started, we recommend checking out our examples at: https://github.com/async-graphql/examples

To see how you would create a Relay-compliant server using async-graphql, warp, diesel & postgresql, you can also check out a real-world example at: https://github.com/phated/twentyfive-stars


Ensure that there is no CPU-heavy process in background!

cd benchmark

#measure all with system malloc
cargo bench

#measure only chat run
cargo bench -- "chat run"

#measure all with jemalloc
cargo bench --features jemalloc

#measure only simple run with jemalloc 
cargo bench --features jemalloc -- "simple run"

Now HTML report is available at benchmark/target/criterion/report

Read more here: https://bheisler.github.io/criterion.rs/book/criterion_rs.html



Licensed under either of



Welcome to contribute !


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