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Zero overhead reactive programming

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Async component

Zero overhead reactive programming


See async_component/examples/example.rs for simple example.

See examples/gui-demo project for example using with gui(winit, raqote, pixels).


use async_component::AsyncComponent;

#[derive(Debug, AsyncComponent)]
struct CounterComponent {
    // State must be wrapped with StateCell
    counter: StateCell<i32>,

    // Stream
    // It iterates every queued items in single poll to prevent slowdown.
    // If the stream is immediate and resolves indefinitely, the task will fall to infinite loop. See expanded code below.
    counter_recv: StreamCell<Receiver<i32>>,

impl CounterComponent {
    fn on_counter_update(&mut self, _: ()) {
        println!("Counter updated to: {}", *self.counter);

    fn on_counter_recv(&mut self, counter: i32) {
        *self.sub_component.counter = counter;

Running this component stream will print initial value first and print changed value if new values are sent through channel.

Counter updated to: 0
Counter updated to: ...


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