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Ardaku is a general-purpose WebAssembly application engine. It's intended to run in any userspace program or on bare metal as sandboxing for an OS (see the Quantii project).

Getting Started

To boot up Ardaku, you will need a startup application. The hello crate is provided in the root folder. To compile it, run:

cd hello/

This will create a hello.wasm file. You can now run it locally with:

RUST_LOG=info cargo run --release --example demo hello/hello.wasm


Ardaku runs the daku API. You can build your own apps for Ardaku using the daku crate.


To use Ardaku on a custom target, all you need to do is implement the System trait, and Ardaku takes care of the rest!

Ardaku may be used to test Quantii apps and desktop environments without running Quantii itself. You may also use Ardaku as an alternative to Flatpak and other software similar to Electron (although not within a "web" context).


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