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bin+lib aravis-utils

command line utilities for interacting with GenICam cameras

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0.3.2 Jul 30, 2020
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0.2.1 Apr 28, 2020
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This repository contains Rust bindings for Aravis, a vision library for GenICam based cameras.

This repository contains three crates:

  • aravis: Safe (mostly) wrappers around aravis-ffi.
  • aravis-utils: Command line utilities using the aravis crate.
  • aravis-ffi: Raw FFI bindings to Aravis.

The API binding crates are largely generated from the relevant GIR files, with the gir tool from the gtk-rs project

Note: Not all of the API has been tested. Some parts of the Aravis API may be missing, and some may be removed in the future if they don't make sense for Rust.


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