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Aptos Operational Tool

The aptos-operational-tool provides a tool for operators to perform maintenance functions on the blockchain post-genesis. The functionality of the tool is dictated by the organization of nodes within the system:

  • Validator owners (OW) that have accounts on the blockchain. These accounts contain a validator configuration and specify a validator operator.
  • Validator operators (OP) that have accounts on the blockchain. These accounts have the ability to update validator configuration.

Important Notes

  • A namespace in Vault is represented as a subdirectory for secrets and a prefix followed by __ for transit, e.g., namespace__.
  • A namespace in GitHub is represented by a subdirectory
  • The GitHub repository and repository owner translate into the following url: https://github.org/REPOSITORY_OWNER/REPOSITORY
  • The owner-address is intentionally set as all 0s as it is unused at this point in time.


~1.5M SLoC